Customer quality is the focal point of everything we do. Your satisfaction is our first priority, that is why we set high performance and quality standards for ourselves. At Don’t Judge Me Apparel, we have developed a policy of continuous quality improvement to benefit our customers and end users. To achieve the high standards we set for ourselves, we have employed 100% quality assurance philosophies. Through training, and continuous assessment of all that we do, we have succeeded in attracting and retaining top class employees that deliver on the goals we set.

As part of our Don’t Judge Me Apparel quality philosophy, we have included a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every product that we produce. Our guarantee covers all aspects of quality assurance including products, shipping and your overall shopping experience. Ultimately it is Don’t Judge Me Apparel’s aim to deliver a consistently high quality product, coupled with support and service to ensure our customers’ expectations are both met and exceeded.

Don’t Judge Me Quality Policy

Don’t Judge Me Apparel will:

  • Establish and maintain procedures to fully deliver all aspects of our Customer’s needs.
  • Establish and maintain procedures which are Customer focused.
  • Ensure that the apparel and products are created to the highest quality standards.
  • Review the quality of our products and continually improve our Customer’s buying experience.

Don’t Judge Me Apparel Vows To:

  • Understand the specific requirements of our customers.
  • Understand the value of every customer.
  • Understand the expectations of our customers in the delivery of product and service from Don’t Judge Me Apparel.